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What Your Child Can Learn From Illustrated Teeth-Brushing Books


Illustrated books are an effective way to teach young children about themselves and the world, as these books engage children through both words and images. If you have a young child, here's what they can learn from illustrated books that help children want to brush their teeth.

See That Everyone Brushes Their Teeth

The pictures in an illustrated book that helps children want to brush their teeth often show different people brushing their teeth, which demonstrates that everyone brushes their teeth. As children flip the pages, they'll see kids and adults both brushing their teeth. 

With some books, kids also get to see that people of all shapes, sizes, and colors brush their teeth. Thus, kids learn that this is a habit everyone does regardless of their heritage, age, or any other factor.

When your child learns that everyone brushes their teeth, they'll be less resistant to the practice. Brushing simply becomes what everyone does and is the normal modus operandi.

Notice That People Brush Their Teeth Regularly

Illustrated books that help children want to brush their teeth also show that teeth brushing is a regular activity that gets done multiple times a day and every day of the week. This message comes across mostly in the backgrounds of the illustrations, where kids can see a calendar that goes through the days of the week and shows a sun rise and fall.

When your child figures out that teeth brushing is a regular activity that's part of the daily routine, they'll become more willing to brush their teeth. Over time as you read these books, tooth brushing will become as normal as eating breakfast or dinner.

Learn How To Brush Their Teeth

Importantly, illustrated books that help children want to brush their teeth demonstrate how teeth should be brushed. They show children brushing all of their teeth, including the ones in the front of the mouth and those in the back. Children also learn how long brushing their teeth should take, how to move the toothbrush, how much toothpaste to use and much more.

Begin to Floss Their Teeth

Along with teaching how to brush teeth, illustrated books that help children want to brush their teeth frequently also introduce flossing. Kids might not begin flossing until they've been brushing for a little while, but it's never too early to introduce flossing. In fact, it can be used as an incentive -- once your child masters brushing, they can work on how to floss.

Illustrated books to help children want to brush their teeth are a great source for children learning about hygiene. 


22 April 2020