Early Childhood Education Options: How To Choose

Education is essential, and most new parents worry about choosing the best school for their children. If you are one of those parents, you are in the right place. We have created this site to address many of the key considerations of early childhood education. The more you understand about what sets certain education programs apart from others, the easier it will be for you to choose the one that best fits the goals you have for your children. The posts on this site will explore each of the different styles of early childhood education to help you narrow down your options and find the right school for your needs.

What Will You Do with Your Preschooler When This Pandemic Is Over?


Did you use to leave your preschooler at home with a nanny or with someone you trusted? Circumstances might have changed when you had to work from home instead of going to your place of business. While you have probably loved being at home with your little child, maybe it has also given you a different perspective.

You might have come to realize that your child needs more than home activities. In addition, maybe you have realized that your child needs experiences that will better prepare him or her for kindergarten. If you already have a plan for what you'll do with your preschooler when things get back to normal, you don't need to keep reading. Maybe you are still in the planning stages of what you'll do. If that's true, read on for some ideas that might help you.

Care In Somebody's Home

Do you know of somebody who watches a small group of children along with her own preschool children? That individual might not want to go into the workforce but cares for other people's children to earn extra money. Consider if this would be a good solution for your child.

  • Visit the home once or twice by yourself, just to get a feeling for the atmosphere in the home. For example, if the caregiver is great with children, that will more than likely be a good place for your child to go every day.
  • Is the number of children at the daycare facility small enough that you know your child will get enough one-to-one attention? 
  • Is the home safe? For instance, are the doors locked at all times, and are there fire extinguishers in place?
  • Are there enough planned activities to keep your child happy?

A Preschool Center

Perhaps you have gotten advice from other mothers. Maybe they have told you how helpful it was for their children when they went to a preschool center before attending kindergarten. A preschool ​center will more than likely have more structured activities for the children, and your child will learn about classroom etiquette, which will be very helpful when they go to kindergarten. Your child will learn things like reading skills and even numbers by playing fun games.

Total safety will be one of the major focuses at the preschool center. For instance, you'll have to provide a list of other people who can pick your child when you aren't available. Check out various preschools to see if you feel comfortable with the staff and if they're the right fit for your child. 

Don't worry if your child is sad or even scared on the first day of preschool. The caregivers will have the experience to know how to make your child feel happy and safe.


29 April 2020